Fairyland: Chronicle Mac Game Download Full Version

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Fairyland: Chronicle Mac Game Download Full Version

About Fairyland: Chronicle Mac Game

The war between the Rukand Kingdom and Fairyland continues. One night a small group of dryads attacked the camp where enemies of the Rukand Kingdom were held captive. Unnoticed in the heat of the tumult, one old orc warrior got free and armed herself. She killed the dryad leader and drank her blood, thus she received eternal youth and supernatural powers. Releasing a small group of orcs, she left the camp and found shelter in a cave not far from the city of Argal.

Your task is to lead this orc tribe and lead it to prosperity.
The game is an interactive fiction stylized as an orc tribe chronicle, which is written by the new Great Tribe Mother.

Remember that you are to lead orсs and they behave accordingly: display unnecessary violence and break all human codes of morality, conduct, and honor.

You have to keep your orcs in obedience. Provide them with food and entertainment (the orcish kind of entertainment, of course), make them fight with enemies, explore neighboring lands, raid humans’ villages and cities, conclude and revoke alliances. The main thing is to make a strong well-armed tribe from a bunch of orcs escaped from captivity, which will be reckoned with the nearest neighbors and other orcs.

Title: Fairyland: Chronicle Mac Game Download Full Version
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Naarassusi Game
Publisher: Naarassusi Publisher
Release Date: 16 Apr, 2018

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