Dueling Dungeon Mac Game Download Full Version

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Dueling Dungeon Mac Game Download Full Version

About Dueling Dungeon Mac Game

Tons of rouge-like games are out there: random dungeon, random challenges, random enemy…
But what about a rogue-like game with REAL enemies? Imagine this game with every single enemy controlled by other players!

With this crazy idea, we pushed the bounds of the possible to implement and present this game to the world: Dueling Dungeon.

In this game, there are two challenge modes.
You can play as a Classic Hero and challenge a dungeon with 10 non-stop, procedurally-generated rooms, beating each enemy to get an award at the end. Otherwise, you can Hack into another players’ dungeon adventure, playing as the most intelligent and powerful monster they have ever met, ultimately letting them taste the bitterest failure.

Dueling Dungeon is a traditional rouge-like action game, but at the same time, it is a fierce tournament.
So what are you supposed to be able to do in this game?
Dueling Dungeon is basically an action/ combat game. If you have ever played the Dark Souls series, you’ll fit into the game really quickly. When you start the game you’ll be placed inside a tavern, and from there you can start a dungeon adventure with only one life. Each of the 10 dungeons is dynamically generated. In each room, you’ll face a random enemy monster or randomly-matched human player. You advance by continually defeating challengers—otherwise, you will return to the tavern after being beaten. After finishing the adventure you will get a reward.

If you are not willing to do such a long series of adventure, you can choose to play as a protector in another players’ 10-room challenge. You would not only play as your own fighter, but also you can chose your contender from a variety of monsters. You will win a reward regardless of winning or losing when you play this way.

With the gold and gems you earn, you are can unlock new armor, new weapons, new monsters to use, or you can upgrade your abilities.

Title: Dueling Dungeon Mac Game Download Full Version
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Developer: Rhythm of Knight
Publisher: Rhythm of Knight
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2018

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