Chupacabra Mac Game Download Full Version

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Chupacabra Mac Game Download Full Version

About Chupacabra Mac Game

Chupacabra is first person horror shooter that confronts players with legendary creature living in the jungle.
The story is set in present times, deep in the rain forest where still most of the territory has never seen a human foot.
As a tourist your journey through Latin America was interesting enough to keep you awake.

Always passionate about mysteries and unsolved cases, you were amazed by the beauty of this land.

However the most interesting part started just recently, a startling note got into your possession.

In one of the National Parks, deep in the jungle, a series of disappearances occurred.

Officials blamed it on wild animals, however locals are whispering about “El Chupacabra”.

Always fascinated about forgotten creatures, you decide to investigate yourself

and hunt whatever is hiding in the dark.
Intense atmosphere, various locations to explore and a mysterious creature to hunt.

Chupacabra is aiming to provide immersive hunt or be hunted experience that will take you on unforgettable journey.

Title: Chupacabra Mac Game Download Full Version
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Racing Bros
Publisher: ANPA.US
Release Date: 2018

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