Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Mac Game Download

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Mac Game Download Full Version is available from today on our amazing site. Download Free Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Game for Mac Full Game with direct links. Command entire companies of tanks across the battlefields of WW2 in turn based tactical strategy. From controlling each tank’s shot to commanding your entire army in a grand campaign, you must lead the Ground Assault!

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Mac Game Download Full Version

About Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Mac Game

The Normandy invasion has started and it’s time to move your battalions of tanks off the beaches and into the battlefields of Europe. You are in command of each tank, all the way down to the angle and power of each shot. Choose your shell type and take on the armored machines of the Axis powers, or switch sides and defend fortress Europe from the Allied invasion.

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault lands the Battle Fleet series onto the tank battlefields of World War 2. Continuing the strategy and unique “Worms” / “Scorched Earth” style angle+power mechanic of Battle Fleet 2, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault adds destructible environments, armor, shell types and all new tactics. Hit their engines and cripple the enemy’s maneuverability, or aim for the crew compartment and disable their tank for an entire turn. With a full featured campaign and a variety of single play scenarios, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault will make you feel like Patton charging through the German lines.

Feature List
Battle across the Western Europe campaign with new campaigns coming later this year.
Build your army from 20 different tanks, each one unique to each faction, with different armor, guns, mobility, and hit locations.
Choose between High Explosive or Armor Piercing shells to do the maximum damage to your enemy.
Aim for different sides of a tank to maximize your chance of penetrating their armor.
Utilize recon planes to reveal enemy locations or airstrikes to target dangerous tanks.
Tank commanders gain experience with each Campaign battle.
Play the strategic single player campaigns, random skirmish mode, full cross-platform multiplayer, or even hotseat multiplayer.
Use artillery to protect your lines in campaign battles.
Deploy Strategic Command Cards to surprise your enemies with special actions like deploying mines, sabotage, enhanced aiming, airstrikes and more!
Battle Fleet: Ground Assault features full 3D models of WW2 era tanks.
VR Support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality coming soon.

VR Support
Battle Fleet: Ground Assault will have full VR support (coming later in 2018) allowing you to play the entire game in VR and even battle against friends who are playing on desktop.

Title: Battle Fleet: Ground Assault Mac Game Download Full Version
Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Mythical City Games Inc
Publisher: Mythical City Games Inc.
Release Date: 1 May, 2018

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